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The benefits of DigiOcr

Digiinov Digiocr High Performance@2x

Benefit from the latest advances in Deep Learning Vision and our know-how to achieve read rates of up to 99% in the field.

Handle variable polarities, reflective surfaces and even stickers without compromising performance.

Digiinov Digiocr Robust Reading@2x
Digiinov Digiocr Efficacite Preparation@2x

Introduce your new products in just a few minutes, thanks to our pattern matching, which allows configuration independent of location, orientation or font.

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Take advantage of an easy-to-use interface for faster adoption and greater operator efficiency, with no specific prior knowledge required.

Digiinov Products Digihmi Case Study Custom Vision Application
Digiinov Products Digiocr Personalization Retraining
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Tailor the solution to your needs. The pre-trained heart can easily benefit from specific training. The reading cycle can also be adapted, for example to exploit your specific components.

Automatically detect duplicate serial numbers in your production at the earliest opportunity, saving you unnecessary costs.

Digiinov Digiocr Doublon@2x Detection

Our customers’ challenges

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Digiinov Digiocr Defis Rapidite


Are you faced with the tedious task of manually identifying serial numbers on industrial parts?

Digiinov Digiocr Defis Performance


Do you already have an OCR reading solution, but its performance isn’t up to scratch, or is it time-consuming to set up a new product?

Digiinov Digiocr Defis Accessibilite


Do you have specific needs that are not covered by the solutions on the market?

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Digiinov Digiocr Deep Learning Solution

A Deep Learning core
specially trained for character reading on industrial parts

Digiinov Digiocr Solution Api

An enhanced and optimized API
optimizing core performance thanks to our accumulated know-how

Digiinov Digiocr Solution Interface

A user-friendly interface
allowing the solution to be used very intuitively

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Get started today

Ready to revolutionize your serial number reading process?

Would you like to buy equipment from one of our partners?

We partner with local integrators who provide instruments and full service. We’ll be happy to put you in touch with the integrator in your area.

Would you like to integrate the DigiOcr module into your equipment?

You manufacture equipment and only need the DigiOcr software module.

Would you like to become a partner and offer DigiOcr to your market?

If you manufacture control instruments and would like to integrate DigiOcr and offer it to your market.

Industrial applications


On a wide variety of parts, to guarantee traceability and compliance with current regulations.


Particularly on dials and cases, to guarantee the authenticity, traceability and uniqueness of the watch.


Any area with characters inscribed on materials that are difficult to read automatically.

Yes, our technology is robust enough to handle variable surface conditions, including reflective surfaces. Note that this also depends on lighting conditions.

Absolutely! Our solution can be retrained to recognize specific fonts and printing styles.

Integration is seamless, and our experts will guide you through the process to ensure minimal disruption to your operations. Integration takes about 2 weeks.

Our algorithm is distributed by integrators who provide full support to ensure your success with our solution, including updates.

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