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Industry case studies

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Simplify your operators’ day-to-day work with clear, dynamic instructions directly linked to your ERP, enabling instant traceability of useful information such as time spent and defects encountered.

Optimize your quality controls with applications that guide operators through each step, while integrating measurement data directly into your SPC or ERP.

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Customize the monitoring and management of your most critical resources with dedicated applications, improving transparency and security

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Improve traceability and defect management, while providing the relevant information and support for appropriate and efficient processing.

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Certified partner

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Proximity and responsiveness

Understanding your business

Expertise in automation and digitalization

Structuring flows and data

Our customers’ challenges

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Do you need to master highly specific and complex processes, while ensuring the traceability of the work carried out?

Digiinov Products Tulip Defis Evolution


Do you need an MES that evolves quickly and easily to keep pace with your business needs?

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Operators need to be supported in their day-to-day work to maintain a high level of efficiency and quality?

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Digiinov Products Tulip Solution Platform Saas

A Saas platform
A centralized, high-availability infrastructure maintained for you, making it easy to roll out your new products

Digiinov Products Tulip Solution Points Acces Flexibles

Flexible access points
You can access your applications on a PC, tablet or smartphone, depending on your use cases.

Digiinov Products Tulip Solution Ecosysteme En Place

An ecosystem in place
Connectors, basic applications and online training are available to help you get started easily.

Digiinov Products Tulip Solution Application No Code

No-Code applications
Application creation has been simplified as much as possible, so that manufacturers can autonomously adapt applications to their needs and evolutions.

Digiinov Products Tulip Solution Plus Information

More information about Tulip
You can find out more about Tulip’s products and use cases on their website.

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Get started today

Ready to enhance your digitalization to optimize your production?

Do you have digitization challenges and need help defining a roadmap?

Would you like to find out more about the product and our digitalization achievements?

You have chosen Tulip and would like to benefit from the expertise of a certified partner?

Industrial applications



Machine manufacturers

Food & Drugs

Tulip is designed to adapt and synchronize with a variety of production environments and existing systems. Our team will support you to ensure a smooth and efficient integration, aligned to your specific needs.

Absolutely! The beauty of Tulip lies in its flexibility and accessibility. We help you to fully customize your applications to match your processes, standards and production objectives.

Results can be seen shortly after implementation, depending on the complexity and scope of the applications deployed. Digiinov works to accelerate your ROI by guiding you towards best practices and ensuring rapid, effective implementation.

Tulip is intuitive and designed to be accessible without coding expertise. However, Digiinov does offer support for you and your team, so that you can fully exploit the platform’s potential.

As a certified partner, Digiinov can develop customized functionalities and integrate specific solutions to meet your unique needs. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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