Automation 4.0 and HMI

Seize new opportunities to automate and improve your means of production

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Our customers’ challenges

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Are you looking to innovate and need to complement your teams with new, complementary expertise?

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Are you looking to enhance your software to increase efficiency and control the time and cost of your software developments?

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Peak load

Do you have a peak load and need a partner near you to bring you more capacity?

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Do you want to focus on your core business and rely on a partner to deliver turnkey software?

Expertise at your service

At Digiinov, we understand the unique challenges faced by industrial companies in Switzerland. Our Automation 4.0 solutions are designed to equip you with modern technologies to boost your productivity, efficiency and competitiveness.

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Today’s machines are more complex than ever, integrating a multitude of functions, automated systems and market technologies. To master this complexity, manufacturers need well-designed HMI software to enable operators to easily manage these systems, guaranteeing both productivity and safety.

We are experts in creating HMI software connected to a CNC, PLC or embedded system. From needs analysis to commissioning, our specialists are at your service to help you exploit the full potential of your production resources with a reliable, scalable and modern application.

Our HMIs are a skilful blend of automation, industrial IT and specific industry know-how. In addition to equipment control, we are now being asked to provide numerous intelligent functions, such as energy management and predictive maintenance.

  • Supervision
  • Recipe management
  • Diagnostics and alarms
  • Manual operations
  • User management
  • Translation
  • Data feedback
  • Connection with MES/ERP
  • New machine
  • Retrofit soft machine
  • Technological leap
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Software is playing an increasingly important role in our machines. This makes it an essential lever for innovation, but also a real challenge to maintain control over it, both in terms of reliability and development efficiency. The latter is critical to the rapid delivery of new features to your customers and the efficiency of your software team.

Creating a software platform is a risky and complex business. At Digiinov, we carry out several of these every year, which has enabled us to develop a particular expertise in supporting your teams and equipping you with a productivity environment to standardize and capitalize on your software investments.

We are experts in creating software platforms for industry. Our methodology enables us to structure the knowledge you have accumulated over decades, to architect it in a modular and scalable way, and to implement it by selecting the technologies best suited to your specific context.

  • Standardization and durability
  • Productivity platform
  • Modularity and scalability
  • Software forging
  • User experience
  • Unify your different software applications
  • Technological leap
  • New software strategy
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Automation and industrial robotics open up a world of opportunities for companies of all sizes, who are under pressure to cut costs. Whether for loading, assembly or inspection, industrial robots offer unrivalled precision, increased productivity and significant long-term cost savings.

Our team of specialists will support you in successfully integrating these technologies into your production chain. Experts in programming and integrating PLC automation and robotic systems, we work alongside you to design and implement solutions that meet your needs. From defining the roadmap to installation, including knowledge transfer to your team, we offer comprehensive support.

  • Process automation
  • Software retrofit
  • Peak load
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Closed-loop manufacturing is a concept with great industrial potential. It incorporates a continuous feedback system that enables production processes to be constantly adjusted and improved. By collecting real-time data on machine performance and product quality, the system can automatically correct any anomalies, guaranteeing consistent quality and maximum efficiency.

Our team is experienced in implementing closed-loop manufacturing solutions. We work closely with you to understand your specific needs and integrate systems that improve not only quality and efficiency, but also the overall production experience, as we move into the future of industrial manufacturing.

  • Quality improvement
  • Increased productivity
  • Stand-alone machine
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With conventional machine vision, it is already possible to cover a wide range of applications, typically metrological and dimensional inspection. However, in some areas, the technical limits have been reached and it is sometimes complex to describe the elements to be controlled using traditional approaches.

To push back this limit, we have developed expertise in deep learning vision, and our experts are at your disposal to demonstrate the power of this new technology.

  • OCR – Serial number reading
  • Aesthetic control
  • Counting
  • Quality control

Industry 4.0 has brought a growing need for digital services integrated as close as possible to the machines. Energy management, predictive maintenance and data centralization are just a few examples of how you can optimize your operations.

Our team is made up of experts with complementary skills enabling us to collect data, store it efficiently and implement data intelligence using modern technologies.

  • Data centralization
  • Energy Management
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Remote Dashboard
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Industrial applications

Machine manufacturers




Food & Drugs

Micromechanics production

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Why choose Digiinov?

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Industrial software expertise

Digiinov is a leading engineering company in French-speaking Switzerland, bringing together rare, cutting-edge expertise in the creation of technological solutions for industrial digitalisation and automation.

Strong intervention capacity

Our team is made up of around twenty employees. We’re essentially engineers whose driving force is to make a big impact with our customers and accelerate your software projects.

Geographical proximity

We maintain close relationships with our customers, which enables us to develop an efficient and sincere collaboration as well as to intervene rapidly on site as required.

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Of course! We regularly intervene upstream of projects to share the feedback and trends we see from manufacturers, and to help you make the right decisions. In this study phase, we work with your specialists to draw up a roadmap with an organization, timeline and budget.

Projects usually start with an analysis and design phase to create the software drawings. To achieve this, our analysts and architects work closely with your team to understand and structure your business area. The project’s technical specifications (FRS) are then iteratively co-created until they are validated.

This is the core of our expertise. Our methodology enables us to capture your business knowledge distributed across the team, in your current software and documentation, while bringing you our software engineering skills to modernize your applications.

Yes, that’s standard at Digiinov. We are used to transferring knowledge to give you full autonomy over your new solution, based on software drawings, source code and training days for your team.

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