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Industry case studies

Digiinov Products Digihmi Case Study Framework Hmi

Take advantage of a technological foundation and a host of ready-to-use functions that have been fine-tuned over the course of numerous projects and in a variety of fields, to build your HMI machines.

DigiHmi is a standardization and productivity platform that provides a solid, scalable foundation for machine manufacturers. It enables us to drastically reduce development and maintenance costs, which are divided between all our customers.

Easily create modern HMIs for your special machines, connecting to your PLC/CNC program and benefiting from standard screens for supervision, recipes, tool management, axis jogging and much more.

DigiHmi is compatible with most technologies on the market, including Beckhoff, Fanuc and Siemens. It also offers the possibility of creating specific screens, without the need for programming skills.

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Digiinov Products Digihmi Case Study Custom Vision Application

Take advantage of modern vision technologies, including both traditional algorithms and Deep Learning, for applications such as quality control, classification, counting or sorting.

DigiHmi makes it easy to customize the interface for a tailor-made production screen, enabling an untrained operator to operate the solution efficiently.

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Create complex test sequences with a No-Code interface, using a rich, extensible tool library. The solution also manages the execution and analysis of results, all securely stored in an optimized database.

DigiHmi allows you to standardize machine vision within your company, for greater efficiency and maintainability. What’s more, it democratizes new automated control technologies, without the need for advanced programming skills.

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The benefits of DigiHmi

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Tailor DigiHmi to your specific needs, from look & feel to feature customization, for a solution that reflects your identity and meets your unique requirements.

DigiHmi is built on a plug-in architecture and dependency injection to bring software management techniques to bear on the modularity and architecture of your software.

Enjoy an intuitive, ergonomic user experience. Our UxDesign specialists have thought out every aspect of the interface for a natural, reassuring and efficient interaction, to make it easier for users to get to grips with the site and increase their productivity.

Several levels of customization are available. with the ability to quickly define a new set of colors and graphic parameters. The design of each component can also be adapted as required, to perfectly match your graphic chart and convey your brand image.

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Benefit from a complete set of integrated services required for high-performance HMI, including access rights management, translation, data persistence, license management and more.

DigiHmi also provides standard modules for supervision, recipe management, No-Code sequence creation, operations orchestration and data management.

Make the most of your machine and instrument data with a complete technology foundation, leveraging the power of Microsoft innovation to optimize access to the Cloud, databases and artificial intelligence.

DigiHmi is the HMI standardization solution that combines operational and software technologies at the heart of machines, giving them greater intelligence and autonomy. It transforms workstations into centers of operational intelligence.

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Our customers’ challenges

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Digiinov Products Tulip Defis Tracabilite


Would you like to equip your machines or instruments with a flexible, modern and scalable HMI?

Digiinov Products Tulip Defis Efficacite


Are you looking for a productive environment for your software team, focusing your energy on your business know-how?

Digiinov Products Tulip Defis Evolution


Would you like to bring more intelligence and autonomy to your equipment, and take advantage of software engineering techniques?

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Digiinov Products Tulip Solution Points Acces Flexibles

Component libraries
A rich, scalable library to cover all your HMI needs.

Digiinov Products Tulip Solution Application No Code

A No Code application
Create your own recipes, from automation orchestration to test sequences and quality control, without programming.

Digiinov Products Tulip Solution Plus Information

Support and maintenance
Our specialists are on hand to help you get up and running quickly, and ensure that you exploit the full power of DigiHmi in your specific context.

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Ready to bring software engineering to the heart of your machines and instruments?

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DigiHmi is designed to integrate easily with a variety of systems, including popular ones such as Beckhoff, Fanuc and Siemens, guaranteeing a smooth transition and extensive compatibility, including with other technologies on the market.

Absolutely. DigiHmi is highly modular, allowing complete customization to meet your specific requirements, whether in terms of interface or functionality.

Digiinov offers comprehensive support for DigiHmi, from advice on evaluating the solution to maintenance and upgrades.

By uniting automation, testing and data at the heart of HMI software, DigiHmi aims to promote the use of intelligent functions such as InProcess control, predictive maintenance and energy management as close to the process as possible.

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